Employment Consideration
  • Verification of identity who are applying for employment;

  • Registered and completed fingerprinting through the DCS approved fingerprinting vendor and assured that a fingerprint-
    based status letter is received via e-mail for each Covered Personnel;

  • Reviewed the results of criminal and civil background check. Appropriate action taken per the Agreement within the DCS
    child welfare policy 2.11.

  • Insurance information

  • Received State Identification, College Diploma, Social Security Cards, and Birth Certificate

  • Received Application and Resume

  • Received W-4 and I-9 information

  • Reviewed Emergency Contacts and a minimum of 3 professional and personal references
Thank you for your interest in becoming an employee with Miracle Works. We strive to provide the highest standard of care by only
employing the highest standard of employees. All potential employees must provide and pass the following: